Men and women of God are suited for Christian service by moral character as well as by academic achievement and spiritual gifts. Among their qualifications should be compassion for individuals, sensitivity to the needs of their communities, a commitment to justice, a burden that the whole of God’s will be obeyed on earth, personal integrity, a desire for moral and spiritual growth, and mutual accountability. Faculty, staff, and students at IHOPU are expected to commit to these values.

Our community standards of conduct are guided by an understanding of Scripture and a commitment to its authority regarding all matters of Christian faith and practice. The school also desires to honor and respect the values of the churches that entrust their students to us for education and spiritual formation. Association with IHOPU, be it as faculty, staff, or student, includes a commitment from each individual to embrace our school’s values and standards of conduct.

Among these values and standards, we affirm the following policies:

We encourage any member of the community who is struggling in these areas to seek support, advice, or personal ministry from their peers, friendship group leader, and our Deans Office & Pastoral Support team, as well as from those providing professional services.

We encourage our faculty and students to address in a spirit of love and humility any member of the community whom they see living in violation of these biblical standards of conduct. We therefore encourage individuals to follow Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 18:15–18 and Paul’s in Galatians 6:1-2.

If you would like help addressing these issues in your life or the life of someone else in the community, please refer to Student Concerns

Academic Integrity

This IHOPU Academic Integrity policy has been established to clarify the expectations that help us function as a fellowship of believers, and to embody mutual trust in our pursuit of academic tasks. It is first rooted in the conviction that God, who is truth, calls us to truthfulness; and second, in the conviction that we are called to treat one another with integrity.

IHOPU seeks to promote spiritual, intellectual, and ministerial growth. We are committed to being beyond reproach in both our academic work and in our personal behavior, as a matter of the formation of Christian character. At a minimum this means that we as faculty and students alike commit to honesty in all aspects of our work.

To this end we set down the following commitments, procedures, and biblical standards, as essential but not exhaustive guidelines concerning integrity. These commitments underlie, but do not supersede, professional standards to which members of the community may also be subject.

Academic integrity requires that faculty will: